Latest update from on the ground

Nikki and Justin have recently returned from a very exciting trip to Zimbabwe and the schools. They have written their experience:

‘As always it was the most humbling experience to see what an impact the work of ZRSDP has had on the communities.

First up we went to visit Mukowe – a school we started building over 7 years ago. From the initial days of classes under shaded trees, and 100 students the school now has 3 double classroom blocks, plenty of teachers housing and over 450 students!

The school in the last set of exams came 50th out of 200 in the region, and 1st in their district! Pretty impressive considering they are competing with well established city schools… well done class of 2016!!

Next up we visited Davare Primary School where we have just completed the second classroom block. There were some delays last year in getting it finished as the main builder was attacked by a crocodile and ended up in hospital for a number of months!

Finally we went to visit a new site that has been asking for a number of years now for assistance. The school is called Hambabwe and is 1 and 1/2 hours drive from Davare. With most lessons taking place in simple mud huts and under trees, the school located on top of a hill is unable to accept any more student intakes as there is simply no more space. They are desperate for support to build a double class room block, and they were delighted to here we will support them! They have already made over 50,000 bricks for the project.’

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