Latest Update from Zimbabwe

Wow – what a month Zimbabwe has had… regardless of the political situation we are still marching on with our projects. Latest update from Major in Chidamoyo is below:-

The schools are doing very well with ever increasing number of pupils enrollment. Mukowe being the highest of enrollment of pupils compared to last year and the pass rate of those pupils taking Grade seven exams has gone up significantly from zero percent. It is projected that that number will increase this year tremendously. The local leaders the Chief, local Councillor and all the Kraal heads are ever appreciating this development  of giving an opportunity for their children to attend a school that has stationery for both teachers and the pupils.

Materials for the Administration block for mukowe were bought and transported to mukowe. I used the hospital lorry to collect the material so that we can cut on transport charge.

Davare Primary School

It is very important that you know that the school is doing well. Since the establishment of structures  the number of pupils have gone up from 211 to 400 pupils. The school operates with 5 teachers and a headmaster with only 2 teachers accommodation and two by two classroom blocks. On our March 2017 Justin asked the School Development Committee to leave one of the pole and dagga shed used as classroom before ZRSDP came, to remind the community where they came from.

Our builder at Davare died in August. So planning to look for another builder and painter to finish painting.

New project at Hambakwe

The school has 350 pupils with no school block but a community built shed. There are 6 teachers and a headmaster sharing one house that had 4 rooms with their families in there. They told us when Justin and i went that when they want to change clothes, they go outside in a thetched open shed where they take their bath to change. Just to have a little privacy they said.

The approval of the one block at Hambakwe was received with great joy. Since then

I have had numerous visits by the community from Hambakwe. Following up on the commencement of the construction of the school. One visit by the Chief of the area and 3 visits by the councillor and countless phone calls.

The people are very eager to start the project. They have made 75,000 bricks ready and right now are hauling river sand and pit sand. Very enthusiastic community.

I have told them that we are waiting for the funds. When we receive the funds we will buy the material and start the project.


Two ladies and I went for training in Harare on how to do Conservation Farming. The training was very helpful to all of us who attended. Thank you for awarding us this opportunity. Our farming is going to be different this year. The two ladies from Mukowe who trained are like flue burg in their community. They are teaching others in farming smart without wastage. I hope with the training we got. We will be able to impact others to see the importance of Conservation Farming.

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